Green Action

‘ We are not just a little Green shop of hippies giving out free bread, jamming to reggae, and selling “rabbit” food. We are more, we promise.’ 

Green Action is a society that takes practical action on environmental, social and political issues. With various activities and campaigns, they try to encourage anyone with ideas to put them into action. Their aim is to take back control over aspects of our lives, including food, jobs, housing and leisure. Their shop is located next to the Santander bank downstairs in the Union, near Salad Box and Cats.

Green Action offers organic and fair trade food, free from GMOs and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. From Chinese goji berries and ground cinnamon, to bread from local Leeds bakeries, Green Action food co-op sells all these delicious and health conscious items at a cheap value (cheaper than another well known co-op) and is a not-for-profit organisations. It’s all for a good cause.

In the Middle spoke with Green Action who said: ‘With growing public awareness of ethical issues concerning the treatment of humans, animals and the environment, there is an increasing realisation of the influence we have as consumers on the rest of the world. By changing our shopping habits and buying from companies with sound ethical policies, we can start to make a difference globally.’

It has worked for over 15 years, moving towards social and environmental sustainability, co-operative action and practical, fair and collective responsibility.

For £2 a year, you can become a Green Action member and learn more about what they have to offer. When else in life will you be able to learn how to make chutney and cider from ingredients all picked from your back door garden, or from their Hyde Park Allotment.

Stephanie Hazelwood


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