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Track: Nagan

Artist: Cain

Label: Highlife

African vocals and raw synths (carried by a huge kick) come together for the perfect house party track.


Track:  As Long As I’ve Got You

Artist: The Charmels

Label: More Grove Japan

Unexpected but welcome reissue – the first few bars will be familiar to anyone with even a fleeting interest in hip-hop.


Track: You Love Me Pretty Baby

Artist: Banny Price

Label: Jewel Records

Soulful yet fast-paced rock n roll track bound to get anyone into the dancing mood…


Track: Back Door

Artist: Mystic Pleasure

Label: Piccadilly Records

Peak-time bomb of an edit from Tom Noble; bongos and a lively horn section jam on alongside early synth strings.


Track: Lonesome Shack

Artist: Ernie Washington

Label: Chattahoochee Records

More rock n roll, this time a slower strut with a heavy swing and superb band backing.


[Laurence Huntington]

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