Hollywood comes to Hyde Park

A film crew arrived in Hyde Park this week to shoot for upcoming thriller Hunter’s Prayer.

Avatar star Sam Worthington was among cast members spotted on Hyde Park Terrace on Wednesday, where filming took place inside a damaged house.

Speaking to The Gryphon, second-year English and History undergraduate Phillipa Williams explained why she thought the crew might have come to Hyde Park,

‘They said they were filming there because it looks like a crack den’.

Cast and crew members came to the area after filming near a tea room in Harrogate last week.

Production staff told this newspaper that Leeds was chosen as an affordable, accessible and convenient location for shooting.

Filming will now move on to Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

The movie, directed by Terminator 3’s Jonathan Mostow, is due to be released next year.


Charlotte Mason & Carlotta Grimaldi


Photo courtesy of Phillipa Williams

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