Preview: Ostgut Ton comes to Leeds

Martyn’s upcoming show at Wire on 28th November should provide a number of reasons to be excited. Not least because it’s part of the venue’s new ‘One Night With…’ event, which as the name suggests, treats us to a whole evening with the 3024 boss at the helm. Over the years, Martyn has steadily made his way through a number of different genres within dance music, each one subject to his unique take which has deservedly earned him the reputation as being a true innovator.

Such a lengthy set therefore suggests the possibility of Martyn showcasing at least some of these styles, and the man also has a known penchant for dropping anything from Chicago house to Prince. What’s set to make the night even more intriguing, however, is the fact that he’s playing under the banner of Berghain owned label Ostgut Ton – alongside one of the Berlin superclub’s residents: Virginia. Inevitably, this means we’re in store for plenty of the trademark power techno that the label is famed for.

It’s also quite likely that Martyn and Virginia will be showcasing a number of tracks from the new album by fellow collaborator and Berghain regular, Steffi. The Panorama Bar resident’s new LP Power of Anonymity has just hit the shelves on Otsgut Ton, though not long before that she teamed up with Martyn for a 3024 release under the moniker Doms & Deykers. Fonts for the People is a solid offering, with the title track comprising of a moody, stabby bassline, backed up by an intricate bit of jungle-inspired drum work. We can certainly expect both releases to feature over the course of the night, and within the intimate setting Wire provides it is sure to be a special one.


Tickets are available on Resident Advisor

[Aziz Kallala]

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