360 Club

At 360 Club the emphasis isn’t so much on what a band has done, but where it is going.

The weekly new-music night at The Library Pub was conceived two decades ago when Richard Watson began booking out small venues to host parties for his friends. As the parties’ popularity grew, the success gradually brought about the realisation that gig promotion could be a full time occupation. Soon enough, Richard decided to give up his job in industrial chemicals in order to focus solely on music, swapping volatile chemicals for volatile musicians as he engineered for himself a position in the Leeds music scene.

Now, 360 Club aims to provide young musicians not only with the platform to perform their music, but also with the education to market it. What sets the Club apart from other promoters is that the night is almost a second thought – it is the development of the bands which is paramount.

Ahead of this week’s show, we look at the four acts on offer:

Ceiling Demons
Ceiling Demons are, live and on record, an intense bunch. With a unique sound driven by moody hip hop, they’re looking to build on the hype derived from a high-profile support slot for similarly out-there hip-hop trio Young Fathers.

Down Radio
With steady but vicious rhythms, Down Radio force themselves into your mind like some rebelliously swinging Grandfather clock. Throw in electronic elements and a RATM-esque aggression in the punk, vocals and you’ve got yourself a laid back sound that still makes you want to punch something.

An anarchic fusion of genres blending hip-hop, DnB, grime and rock. It’s noisy and confrontational.


This band, whose EP is named after your post code (LS6), make grand and soulful hip-hop with echoes of nu-metal.

Catch all these at The Library pub on 28the november 2014. Tickets are on sale at Jumbo records for £5.50.

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