Communion New Faces Tour @ Holy Trinity Church 10/11

Hidden in the Trinity shopping centre’s commercial shadow, the Holy Trinity Church emerged as a gateway to another dimension. Angelically white-washed walls and intricate stained glass windows provided the backdrop for the final night of Communion’s ‘New Faces’ tour, a mesmerizing concert showcasing four of 2014’s brightest new artists: Pixel Fix, Kimberly Anne, Fyfe and Amber Run.

Transported to this alternate reality, the walls concaved, the pillars stretched, the ceiling expanded. Time halted in temporal majesty. Suddenly, we were carried to a different world, lifted to greater heights by the inspiring and versatile musical talents that Communion had on display. Surrounded by the serene beauty of this modest church, our senses transfixed on the music that, although not religious in its production, was heavenly in its nature.

Breaking through the sombre solemnity, Pixel Fix began the voyage with their unique and unadulterated sound, dragging us through thick forests before diving into the refreshing waves of some obscure lagoon. Kimberly Anne followed by planting us between the urban hardships of South London and the roaming plains of rural Africa, using looped drum beats in an upbeat acoustic set to compliment her breathtakingly raw lyrics and vocals.

Fyfe’s electric set escalated events until we were completely lost in the eccentric ecstasy of his song writing. Almost like James Blake with a guitar, yet maintaining the integrity of his own originality, Fyfe mixed numerous genres and produced obscure melodies in a stunning performance.

With a tenacious desire to capture heart, body and soul, Amber Run’s atmospheric sounds completed the journey. Chilling yet addictive hooks held us, motionless, whilst gorgeous harmonies reverberated endlessly amongst the enveloping architecture’s perfect acoustics.

Upon returning to reality, it was a shame there wasn’t a higher turnout, however this truly unforgettable experience left me too speechless to care.

Robert Cairns

Photo: Jack Magerison

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