How to do a don’t: Ankle socks in winter

Any trend that wouldn’t look out of place on a ‘back to school’ billboard is one that could be hard to pull off. But by keeping a few tips and tricks in mind, this is one style that could send you straight to the top of the class.

First thing’s first; simplicity is key. Traditional winter hues dictate that black is best (frills and flowers can be left for sunnier days). Despite this, when considering winter palettes, the cold weather no longer means you have to be limited to the realms of tights or trousers. The shock of black tights can easily overwhelm an outfit, forcing neutrals and pretty pastels to be shelved until next season, but choose an ankle sock and your summer skirts can be given a winter revival.

John Rocha paired their ankle socks with feminine dresses whilst Armani worked theirs with sharp suits. It can both toughen up a girly style and soften a look, with a flash of leg against a bold winter coat.

Cropped trousers and midi skirts take this look from school to chic, whilst keeping it sharp and feminine, but remember to work them with a ‘sensible shoe’. Think sturdy enough for even the most discerning mums on the dreaded uniform shop. If they’d have had you stomping round Clarks with a face like thunder back in the day, then chances are you’ll be nailing this trend.

Whether patent or leather, buckled or laced, keep them strong, with a masculine edge. Forget socks and sandals, loafers and brogues are king here, and a black ankle sock provides that much needed 2014 update.


Molly Shanahan

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