Re-Thinkers: Why should you be interested?

Re-Thinkers acts as a platform for students to actively and constructively discuss contemporary issues, which affect us all. We try to get students to ‘rethink’ what we think we know.

Often, perceptions and stereotypes are not reflective of reality and that’s why what we do is important. There could be at least seven sides to every story and we aim to present them all.

Our first ever event was called ‘Are You High?’ and we focused on student drug culture and wider perspectives of this through the question ‘Should MDMA be legalised?’. We discussed whether Leeds had a drug culture and if some drugs were as harmful as people think. Ultimately, the purpose was not to argue for legalisation and say drugs are good, but to explore the reasoning behind why things are the way they are.

Why are students so associated with drugs? Is drug criminalisation illogical and infringing on civil rights? Is the common pre-drink logic of ‘MDMA is not actually that bad’ based on fact or is it a peer pressure tactic? We found that many people had differing opinions on these issues and listening to each other helped widen their perception.

Membership for Re-Thinkers is free because we believe charging for membership reduces the social value of our projects. We’re looking for ideas and people to help set up events so we have a wider scope in what we can do.

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