Preview: Ben Klock at Selective Hearing

Berghain’s Ben Klock blesses us with a 3 hour set this Saturday courtesy of Leeds and Manchester collective Selective Hearing.

Klock’s unparalleled prestige within the techno scene is hardly surprising considering years of dedication to DJing. His consistently faultless mixing and impeccable track selection has earnt him a longstanding residency at ultimate techno haven, Berghain, and given rise to Ostgut-Ton productions, compilations and the creation of his own label, Klockworks. Attention to detail and an immeasurable energy is what makes every Ben Klock set so utterly hypnotic. An extraordinary record choice of absorbing techno means Klock somehow convinces even the most skeptical music fan that they love the genre, if only for the duration of his set. Resonating Berlin, expect German industrial techno, but with a refreshingly mesmerising and melodic undertone.

Joining Klock on the line-up are Pariah and South London Ordnance. Since his major departure from UK Garage, Pariah has been responsible for some of the most successful techno to arrive out of the UK with collaborative label She Works The Long Nights [SHEWORKS] and production project ‘Karenn’ with former R&S colleague, Blawan. South London Ordnance cropped up on the scene a few years ago now, and attracted attention with promising productions surfacing on Scuba’s acclaimed Hot Flush label. Since then, he has also developed as a DJ, and his sets evidence a real intrigue in new and underrated electronic music.

Tickets are on final release and are available through Resident Advisor.

[Harriet Shepherd]

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