Preview: 2ManyDJs and The 2 Bears @ 02 Academy

2ManyDJs. The 2 Bears. TOO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT.

A delight of duos will be smothering the O2 next Friday 5th December in a shroud of electro-techno-glitter. For those of you that don’t know, 2ManyDJs (AKA SoulWax) comprise of two Belgian brothers who toy with techno tempos and synthesized crescendos.

Known for their meddling mash-ups, there is no way you can’t yelp with delight as another brilliant beat drops. The pair has partied around the world, helping produce legendary artists in the field, including Justice, LCD Soundsystem and the Rolling Stones! The cherry on top of the cake comes with epic visuals to complement their live sets. Their electro-rock releases date back to the early noughties, but their live sets over recent years dabble with dance classics, bopping hip-hop and house tunes to get those hips gyrating.

Now, you may think ‘snakehips’ is your middle name, but you aint seen nothing until you’ve seen The 2 Bears. The perfect complement to 2manydjs, this dream team (Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell) put on quite a show. Their recent release ‘The Night Is Young’ combines techno, house and a tuneless cockney accent – a bizarre recipe for the most tremendous jingles.

Steady cymbals and beats build up into electro enigmas, forcing limbs to flail and bodies to boogie.

The third act, most definitely worth a nod comes in the form of ‘Drums of Death’. Do not be deterred by the name – another appropriate accompaniment to the line up, Colin Bailey features machine-funk rhythms, crossed with house vibes. A new kid on the scene, to be put alongside legends such as the aforementioned twosomes can only mean the sky is the limit.

And did I mention, that with The 2 Bears’ set, a cohort of scantily clad, glitter engulfed, platformed transvestites totter about the stage?!

[Flora Tiley] 

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