Campus Watch – 28/11/14

Nottingham University strip in stand against homophobia

Nottingham University’s Men’s Hockey Team have taken a public stance against homophobia in sport by playing a match nude in the freezing cold.

A video of the match has gained more than 250,000 views and was created in response to a study that revealed more than 20% of LGBT students have faced persecution on campus.

Emily Willson


St Andrews Uni students complain to Tesco with sonnet

Two students from St Andrews University complained to Tesco about them not stocking their favourite, product with a poem.

The students were ‘very impressed’ when they then received a reply from the retail giant, in verse too.

They said, “We were disturbed by the lack of our favourite popcorn… so we resorted to the only medium we know, which is Shakespearean sonnet.”

Hugh Baillie-Lane


UEA cuts price of female sanitary products to cost price

The University of East Anglia will be the first student union in the country to sell sanitary products at cost price seeing some product’s prices being cut by over a half.

The motion was passed by the Student Union’s council in response to recent  outrage when students found out that the government adds VAT of 5% to sanitary products as they are considered a ‘luxury items’.

Emily Willson


UEL Bans Homophobic Preacher

Imran Mansur, a Muslim preacher, has been banned from speaking at the University of East London due to homophobic remarks.

Mansur, was due to speak at an ISoc event at the uni. The event was cancelled due to segregation between male and female attendees, and due to Mansur calling homosexuality a product of “filthy Western culture” and stating that homosexuals have a “disease”.

Suhail Dhanji

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