Gym fees pushed over the Edge

The Edge users could expect to see reduced membership fees in the future, as a Better University forum this week voted to make the gym more affordable.

Student Stella Vellendi, who proposed the notion, argued, ‘Edge membership fees are too high for students to afford. Especially for those who aren’t already very active or committed to sport, the price can put them off and they may choose to prioritise using their money on other things’.

The cost of membership for students not living in Halls of Residence ranges from £19.40 per month for basic membership to £30.80 for The Edge’s Premium package. Students living in Halls receive free access to facilities during off-peak hours.

A student at The Edge told The Gryphon, ‘The Edge is expensive but I think it’s worth the money for the facilities you can access there’.

A panel of fourteen Union members voted unanimously to pass the idea.

The University’s Head of Sport Rob Wadsworth said, ‘We review all of our prices annually in partnership with LUU.  We are wholly committed to delivering value for money for our users and as a self funding service all income is reinvested in our facilities, programmes and services that give opportunities for all our students and staff to be active’.

A Better Union forum this week also voted to open a used-book shop in the Union, where students will be able to donate books in return for a percentage of the selling price. Postgraduate researchers are also to be given their own email username.

The Student Exec will now work to best implement the new policies.


Danny Anderson

Lucy Connolly

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