Union to provide free dental dams

The Union has voted to provide free dental dams following a forum this week.

Speaking to The Gryphon, Chair of LUU’s LGBT Society Fran Goddard explained, ‘Now the Union will be supplying free dental dams, it means that women who have sex with women will now have a reliable form of protection from STIs and STDs. This is important to the LGBT* community in Leeds as it means that lesbian, queer and bisexual women now have the opportunity to have safe oral sex without having to repurpose a condom or not use a barrier method at all’.

The motion received a majority vote from thirteen of fifteen panel members.

A dental dam is a thin, square layer of latex used to prevent sexually transmitted infections during oral sex. It can be used by heterosexual people, although is more common within the LGBT* community.

Free condoms are currently available in the Union, although it was argued that supplying dental dams would benefit students of all sexualities.

The Student Exec will now work with the idea holder on how best to implement the policy.

Charlotte Mason

Danny Anderson


Photo courtesy of:  fansshare.com

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