Weekly Chart w/3rd Dec 14

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Osaka Monaurail – Hung – Up

Label: Unique

Laidback but tight Funk 7”; perfect early-hours material, its strung-out strut sure to draw people towards the dancefloor.



Sabu Martinez – Hotel Alyssa-Soussie, Tunisia

Label: Grammofonoverket

Excellent piece of Latin Jazz propelled by a twisting saxophone solo and what sounds like an entire orchestra of percussion.



Masks – Wormhole

Label: Opal Tapes

Hypnotic and spacey grooves that sound almost as if they were recorded from the next room (but still pack a punch!)



Chevel – Tank

Label: Mistry

Spartan broken rhythms underpinned with monstrous reese subs, encased in cavernous reverbs and delays. Another great techno hybrid from Beneath’s consistent Mistry label.



James “Jack Rabbit” Martin  – Rabbit Trax I (The Next Generation)

Label: Yoton

Legendary apocalyptic Chicago acid track reissued and remastered, having lost none of its impact since it first appeared in 1988.


[Laurence Huntington]


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