LUU society ‘free the nipple’

Students have been baring all this week as part of a campaign to ‘Normalise the Nipple’.

Men and women stepping into the ‘boobie booth’ were asked to take an anonymous photograph of their chest to be displayed in the Union next week.

The campaign aims to combat the censorship and sexualisation of female nipples.

An estimated 100 black and white photographs will be exhibited in the Hidden Café next Wednesday as part of Human Rights Week.

The campaign states, ‘It seems the media has decided that female nipples are either to be covered up or sexualised. Men do not face this problem, although they too have nipples. They are normal and we want to promote that by showing that this is what real nipples look like’.

The four-day campaign, run by LUU’s Amnesty International society, coincides with the international ‘My body, my rights’ campaign, which aims to empower people with freedom to make choices about their health, body and sexuality.

Speaking to The Gryphon, LUU Amnesty’s Ellie Butler-Church said, ‘The response we’ve had to our campaign has been fantastic. People were enthusiastic to be involved in a campaign that close to home and that they could help us in such an active way. We’ve had compliments from so many people who are excited that this issue is being addressed’.

A student who took part said, ‘As soon as I heard about the campaign, I knew I had to take part. It didn’t feel like a scary thing to do. I’ve already had them pierced, and there’s nothing odd about someone else seeing your nipples. We all have them! I’m interested to see how people react when the pictures are published’.

Charlotte Mason

Photo courtesy of Anne Wyman

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