Selective Hearing w/ Ben Klock, Pariah and South London Ordnance

Selective Hearing, a Leeds and Manchester collective that provides the finest techno, house and base, last week brought a deliriously superb lineup to one of Leeds’ most popular student stomping grounds, The Warehouse. This lineup was no other than techno titan Ben Klock, Pariah and South Ordnance. And with a Funktion One sound system accompanying a dazzling visual backboard, The Warehouse was without question the most fitting venue in the city to host this fine underground techno clan.

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First up: South London Ordnance, who brought a beautiful selection of house and techno that could only really be described as transcendent. His sound is hypnotic: a sort of eerie techno minimalism that bends your mind and cradles your soul. It was entrancing. The SLO brand is really coming into its own now, and with a strong and distinctive sound that accompanies his very own label, Aery Metals, he’s certainly the one to watch in 2015, having previously collaborated with Brolin and created remixes from the likes of JD Twitch and Factory Floor.

Check out his track ‘Rush’ below:


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Next up: Pariah, dubbed the new bass and techno prodigy of R&S records, punched his way through the set without breaking sweat. His offering of weighty, immersive, industrial techno pulled the crowd deeper into an aural trance: with distorted synths and murky bases which all added to the ever-present techno thud, it was clear that this is what clubbing is all about. His performance was a strong testament to his recent work on his label ‘SHEWORKS’ and production project ‘Karenn’. The future is certainly bright for this underground pariah.

Check out one of his remixes of Real Lies ‘World Peace’ below:

As it neared to 3am, the crowd were still fully energised, with fists continually pounding the thick, moist atmosphere. It was encouraging to be apart of a crowd who appeared to be there for the love of the music, not just for a drunken night out, like so many nights that saturate the scene. Shortly after, Berghain’s techno legend Ben Klock stepped up to work his notorious magic.


Ben Klock is the key influencer for the entire scene – he’s curated an underground techno culture deep within the walls of the illusive Berghain, which is the only venue in Berlin to which he spins. So, bringing the brand and flying the techno flag for Germany in the UK was always going to be kind of a big deal. And it was glorious: dark, driving techno, as it should be. He was never going to disappoint. The club had completed its disorientating and sweaty descent into euphoria and the music was exquisite. For 3 hours, Ben Klock had the crowd like putty in his hands. He’s renowned for performing sets for over 11 hours in Berghain, something every techno fan should endeavorer to witness. Three hours just wasn’t enough.

It’s always amazing how quickly time passes on nights such as these, and it’s definitely up there as one of Leeds’ finest. Selective Hearing deserve huge amounts of credit for pulling off this incredible night, a magical moment shared by only a few.

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