The Angels have landed

Spreading its lacy wings over across our nation’s capital for the very first time, the latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show once more didn’t fail to impress. What began as simple promotional tool has come to be one of the industry’s most high profile events where some of the most innovative, intricate and beautiful lingerie designs in the world are showcased – it’s really not just any old underwear label.

With six themes running throughout the show the angels embodied countless female personas through different themes: Exotic Traveller, Fairy Tale Dream, Angel Ball, University of Pink and Gilded Angels. The brand prides itself on the creation of an extravaganza and matches each theme with a paralleled musical act – this year’s talent included Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and our very own Ed Sheeran.



Not known for their practicality, the brand showcased huge wings (one smacking Ariana Grande in the face) and the annual fantasy bras were part of matching sets so expensive they acquired their very own bodyguard, each valued at around $2 million, a pretty sheepish attempt in comparison to the set donned by Giselle Bunchuen in 2000, worth up to $15 million. A bra!

Far from the frequent criticisms of many that these women are nothing more than overtly sexualised dolls adapted to only suit the male gaze, dumbed down with the donning of glitter and wings; the show is all about embracing the female gender and strong, independent women. The casting team purposefully hire a wide selection of models from of a variety of ages and different ethnic backgrounds, many of them now mothers, where they are presented as far from clothing racks for designers to simply display their work, but instead celebrated as individual personalities and the reason in which these designs come to life.


Beth Arthurs

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