Trivial Pursuits?

Who gets the T.V? A question that has divided families since pixels popped into our lives. With the Christmas break coming up you can say goodbye to the casual team death match as dad is secretly desperate to find out what is going to happen in Hollyoaks.  So here’s a list of five-star games that your family might actually enjoy watching and may even want to join in with.


#1. FEZ

You play as a character called Gomez living in a 2D world, until you are blessed with a reality changing Fez. Gomez now has the ability to rotate the scene making the 2D landscape into a 3D adventure playground. A creative take on the traditional platform-game FEZ is fun to watch as well as puzzle ponderer which you and your family can theorise about.




#2. The Walking Dead Series 1 & 2 

In Telltale’s adaptation of The Walking Dead you find yourself in the shoes of ex-professor Lee Everett. Focused on narrative and character development rather than game mechanics, gameplay is restricted to quick-time events and dialogue choices. There are no wrong choices but you will always question whether you made the right ones. Arguably as compelling as the T.V series, your parents will be glued to the sofa, maybe even let them take the reins.




#3. Thomas Was Alone 

Thomas was alone, then Thomas was not. You play as a rectangle named Thomas and you need to get from A to B. Along the way Thomas meets other rectangles and squares who also need to get from A to B. A game with a very simple concept excels on every front.  Simple enough to play with the younger members of your family but complex enough for you to enjoy too.




4# Guacamelee 

Colourful, fast and cheery. Help the Luchador save his village and his childhood sweetheart from the clutches of the evil Carlos Calaca. This side scroller never forgets to be fun and can be played two player. Perfect to play with the younger members of your family while getting just as much enjoyment out of it.



Lauren Natalie Emina-Bougaard

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