Wampire ‘Bazaar’ Album Review

Unsurprisingly, indie-rock enthusiasts Wampire have yet again produced another seemingly preppy, playful and hypnotic album with their combination of murky vocals and electronic guitars taking prominence in Bazaar. ‘The Amazing Heart Attack’ is indeed an energetic way to start the album, yet tracks such as ‘Wizard Staff’ and ‘Life of Luxury’ are somewhat softer and slower in pace, offering a brilliant contrast that highlights Wampire’s effortless ability to produce an album of both upbeat and intensified melodies.

Potentially it is this juxtaposition which makes Bazaar so interesting and hard to put down in the sense that each song keeps you enticed right until the end. In addition, the album is arguably less dull than their latter album, Curiosity, which can appeal to a greater range of listeners who desire more from Wampire then their predictable dark indie-pop. The second track of the album ‘Bad Attitude’ is charmingly mischievous in nature and would force even the most reserved listeners to resist the compelling urge to dance; at a festival, this song would undeniably be electric for the audience. However the ultimate track ‘People of Earth’ takes on a much drearier tone and is perhaps even anti-climactic to an overall fantastic album. Of course, Wampire can be renowned for adopting a psyche of gloominess to their music, so the song is not completely unfitting, but perhaps does not represent the general quality and quirkiness of the album in its entirety.

With Curiosity receiving such positive reviews, the task of producing an even greater album was always going to be challenging for Wampire. For many however, Bazaar will tick nearly all the boxes as it effectively comprises both their celebrated sombre tones with buzzing vibes that help to keep this album current and exciting.

Ellie Cartwright

photo: rosecitylive.com

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