Women’s Militia slam ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign

Anonymous group Women’s Militia have struck in LUU.

The secret group, who are aiming to take a more radical approach to feminism, have stuck up posters criticising the Free The Nipple campaign in the common room.

The campaign, ran by Amnesty International, wanted to ‘normalise the way people view female nipples’ through a display of male and female students’ areola in the area.

However, the feminist group have criticised the campaign as it only appears to ‘free the white nipple’.

‘Free the nipple or free the white nipple?’ one of the posters reads.









‘My feminism will be intersectional,’ says another.

Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus, who are supporters of the campaign, are also criticised on the numerous posters. Slated for their lack of sensitivity with racial issues, the posters state that ‘racism has no place in feminism’.







In previous action, the group removed a female blow-up doll from the rooftop of a house in Hyde Park.

Daubing the offending house with the group’s logo in red paint, the sect then left a note, which said: ‘You have been targeted by Women’s Militia.

Objectification is no joke.’

In an appeal for students to free their nipples, Amnesty wrote: ‘As part of LUU Amnesty International’s My Body My Rights campaign we want to normalise the way people view female nipples. As stated by Amnesty International, ‘Being able to make our own choices about our health, body and sexual life is a basic human right’. Yet in the media female nipples are either overtly sexualized or censored entirely.

We are asking both men and women to be a part of changing the way we look at the female body, by taking anonymous photographs of their chest in our normalise the nipple booth. These will then be displayed in black and white in the Hidden Cafe throughout Human Rights Week (8th-12th of December 2014).’

Jasmine Andersson

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