3 Essential Money Saving Travel Tips

It’s that time of year. It’s cold and you want something to look forward to. You probably aren’t alone in counting down the days to the summer months when you can enjoy sun, sea and hopefully a spot of adventure. After all, summer wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of globetrotting!

But just how will our (somewhat starved) bank accounts stretch to cover a holiday? Well, have no fear, as In the Middle are here with some tips on how to see the world on a shoestring.

Budapest_Parlament_BuildingTip One – Location, location, location.

One of the biggest decisions to make about your summer trip is where you’re going to go. Depending on what sort of trip you’re planning, the budget you will require will differ. From the typical girls/lads party holiday to cultural backpacking, both offer fun and excitement. Though, unfortunately, they can come at a cost.

But if you plan carefully, and pick the right destination, you can save quite a lot. For tighter budgets, head for countries that aren’t in the Euro. In these countries, you won’t require as much spending money, and as some destinations are often lesser known, flights and accommodation can also be found at bargain prices. Try Prague, in the Czech Republic, or Budapest, Hungary, for a city break that is both packed full of culture and easy on the purse strings.

YHA_Signage_in_DinghushanTip Two – Accommodation

One of the biggest expenses is usually where you stay. By far, the easiest way to save money is by staying in hostels. They can be found pretty much globally and are very easy to book secure, offering inexpensive rooms where you can catch up on some sleep after a day full of sight-seeing.

Hostels can also add to the holiday experience, allowing you to meet other travellers who could potentially become good holiday companions. Some hostels, such as YHA, offer loyalty schemes, and so if you travel frequently you may earn yourself a cheaper (or even free) stay.


76700395_5083e9f9d5_zTip Three – Travel

Another added cost: getting to your destination. If flying, make sure you use the comparison websites to find the best deal, and check out budget airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet.  But, if you’re travelling in Europe, Interrail passes are a good way to save money and explore the continent by train. If you’re brave, don’t be afraid to arrive at an airport or train station that’s a distance from your destination; check out local public transport options and you may be able to s
ave some of those pennies.

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