2015 SAG Awards: Are we losing the eccentric red carpet fashion?

With all the Oscar nominations and the recent Golden Globes, January is the month of grand TV awards and big red carpet fashion. However, in recent light there has been much criticism on the lack of eccentricity of style on the red carpet. At the beginning of this week the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) was presented and the likes of the beautiful Eddie Redmayne once again won another award for Outstanding Performance in The Theory of Everything. However, the fashion was once again a talking point that left many red carpet followers disappointed.


The carpet was without doubt awash with vibrancy with no colour left on the sidelines. Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette both opted for shades of green and actress Uzo Aduba sported a bright yellow gown. A glowing pregnant Keira Knightly looked wonderful in her bold purple gown and followed the trend for the floor length style that almost every actress there wore. The most daring outfit there was Jennifer Aniston’s low cut plunging neckline on her gold gown. This was apparently the issue. The daring outfits were sparse and posed very little imagination compared to previous years at the SAG awards or in fact any awards ceremony this year.

This year there were no mishaps. No see-through crepe, feminine suits, or boldly shaped dresses. In fact everyone looked glamorous and sensible. But why the issue? This year the SAG Awards was adorned with beautiful women in their most flattering outfits yet. Should this not be a trend? This year the style is to look your best and know what works. With the likes of Camila Alves, in a dark purple Donna Karan Atelier gown with a silk crepe bodice and beautiful side trail. You cannot blame husband Matthew McConaughey standing next to his wife with such pride at the glamour Camila was exuding.

It is about wearing the most beautiful flattering dress and gliding down the red carpet in traditional movie star style.

This year there was no eccentric red carpet fashion or anyone to point out in shock. It was a year of admiration of beautiful simplicity. No one should be criticizing anyone for looking glamorous, for glamorous is always in style.


Jasmin Vincent

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