Review – Horse Meat Disco

Bowie once demanded that someone bring him the Disco King. Horse Meat Disco meet David Bowie, please, for they are royalty in the current revamp of disco.


This quadruplet of quirks have been dabbling in disco since 2003, releasing a handful of compilation albums, last June bringing Volume 4 to funk our lives up. Recently acquiring permanent stabling at The Eagle in London (as well as Berlin and New York), this sought after foursome often gets tacked up to venture around the nation. Indeed, on Friday a couple of stallions trotted down to Hifi to graze in the fields of Leeds. A slightly sloppy warm up set got us all limbered up and chomping at the bit in expectation of some blistering bass and fabulous funk. Not to disappoint, the set opened with Chic Cheer, the punters sent rearing and bucking around the arena in excitement. The set galloped on, drum throbs seamlessly merging into yet another tune, passionate lyrics bursting out of many (much like they do when Wonderwall comes on in Halo (RIP)) no reins to hold anyone back,. Credited for providing the full disco experience – rather than some of these affecionados, whom often omit the all important, lengthy, overtly camp solos – the HMD finale came in the form of Donna Summer’s Last Dance, all of us mules morphing into unicorns.

Horse Meat Disco – very suitable for vegetarians. In fact, suitable for humans, animals, minerals or vegetables.

[Flora Tiley]

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