5 Steps to Kylie Jenner’s pout

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Sisters, SoniaXFyza, are the only UK makeup artist to have been trained by the world famous makeup genius Mario Dedivanovic – the Kardashians’ official secret weapon and the king of contouring.

Here are their secrets behind faking a full pout with makeup – the trick Kylie has been showing off daily on Instagram.

Step 1

Prep your lips.

SoniaXFyza recommend the Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub with Dr Lipp all-purpose balm applied on top. You can also use Vaseline but make sure you dab off any excess balm to avoid your lip makeup smudging. This will moisturize your lips as well as work as a primer and protect your lips.

Step 2

Lip Pencil.

Ideally you should use products by MAC, but the new “East End Snob” by Rimmel is an almost exact copy! Draw an ‘X’ to get the perfect cupids bow, then trace the bottom lip line to emphasize your pout.

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Step 3

Use the already drawn lines as your guidelines to connect the corners of the mouth to the middle. Next draw a line in the middle of your bottom lip, this will create an illusion of a bigger bottom lip.

Step 4

Using the same lip pencil, shade in the corners of your lips. This will make your lips look neater and fuller.

Step 5

The finishing touch. For this you will need a matte lipstick, make sure it is one shade lighter. Apply it to the middle of both top and bottom lips. Blend the lipstick with the dark pencil lines. The contrast will create the appearance of a bigger pout. Ta-da!


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