Review – Good Life return with A Night In Outer Space

Monday tends to be the most universally hated day of the week. It’s where working adults sobbingly wave goodbye to their beloved weekend. Like Monday, for many students, this idea manifests itself in the month of January: a seemingly endless period where students forcibly hibernate in the Edward Boyle library in preparation for exams. All that has to be said for this month of dread is thank god for Good Life, who helped alleviate the woes of the January exams and pack a punch in outer space with its latest instalment at Canal Mills.

This event came after its incredibly successful tribal dance themed party, also at Canal Mills, where students flooded the venue in various colours and tribal paints. And ‘A Night In Outer Space’ was also there to set the scene as Canal Mills was transformed into something otherworldly, with the DJ’s of the night being consumed by what looked like a sort of cosmic octopus in the main room.


And the lineup was pretty stellar, too. In room 1, an uplifting dance vibe came from producer The Revenge, and later, a hip-hop shift coming from Rodney P, commonly referred to as the Godfather of British Hiphop. We also heard music from the likes of Mr Benn, who offered an eclectic mix of dub, reggae and Hiphop to proceedings, and a grime orientated selection in room 2 from the likes of Shepdop. The evening quite literally had a genre to suite all tastes, and with exams over, it felt as though the crowd had also elevated into the realm of outer-space.

With another successful event under its belt, it’s great to see what a group of university students can add to the clubbing scene here in Leeds. With so many nights already saturating the city, Good Life offer a unique clubbing experience where students can truly let loose, dress up, and most importantly, have a good time.

If you’d like to get up to speed with Good Life, check out their Facebook page. Good Life’s next instalment will see them dice with the dark side of story telling, with their twisted fairytale theme at Beaverworks.

twisted fairytale theme

 Josh Taylor

Photos courtesy of Good Life

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