Leeds Icons: The Parkinson Building

The Parkinson Building is nothing if not iconic.  As much as we may take its monumental grey-stone facades for granted as we rush past to get to lectures, this grand, yet somehow tastefully understated building certainly marks our place on Woodhouse Lane.

Its architecture is chiefly credited to Art Deco, making clear use of the style’s characteristic symmetry and bold geometry.  However, its exterior is also notably minimalistic for the style, perhaps allowing for its certain modest charm.

The true Deco grandeur becomes more pronounced on the interior.  The rich, dark wood and golden metal of the doors and reception desk hark back to the opulence of a bygone era.  Compounded with the striking vastness of the entrance hall, these elements come together to make for a prestigious gateway to the Brotherton Library.

The building is truly the heart of the Leeds Campus, and unsurprisingly the chosen icon for the Univeristy’s logo.

Kyle Withington

Illustration: Danny Wilson

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