The Libertine: Lovely local pizza

Once you’ve settled in to the routine of university life, it’s easy to get in to the habit of eating and socialising in the same places. However, it’s a new year, the ideal time to branch out and try something new and The Libertine is the perfect alternative to the more well-known student bars and hang outs. Its elegant yet laid back décor, convenient location – just across the road from the university on Blenheim Terrace – and its student friendly prices, make it the perfect spot for an in-between-lectures bite of lunch, or post-deadline drinks.

01422facf2f2bd28ddccc3098927d78dde5c691a92The bar and restaurant occupies a compact space, but the light and airy decor prevent it from feeling crowded or stuffy. There is even a DJ stand in the corner for their Friday and Saturday night events, and they also host regular live acoustic sets and mix nights. From an elegant evening meal, a cosy Sunday roast, or a music night, The Libertine caters to all tastes and needs.

The menu may provide little in terms of quantity of options, but the superb quality of the food more than makes up for it. They offer a selection of salads, and an assortment of unique artisan pizzas, all made fresh on site every day. Stone baked, and topped with homemade mozzarella and a range of extra ingredients, from the traditional to the unique, The Libertine’s pizzas are no average pizzas. Their speciality pizza, like the bar itself, is named after John Wilmot, England’s first Libertine, and was a surprising delight. In keeping with the rebellious, nonconformist attitude of Libertinism, it was topped with garlic oil, sea salt, freshly made mozzarella, rosemary and red grapes. Yes, grapes on a pizza. However, the unusual flavours all worked together seamlessly to create a distinctive yet light and fresh taste.

01f7c9ba1aa671d5adc0c77f1677ba78ad45d962cbThe Spicy Pizza combined pepperoni, fresh chillies and roasted red peppers, to create a memorable flavour with a fiery kick that stopped just short of becoming overwhelming. At between eight and nine pounds for an eleven inch pizza, especially considering the high quality, The Libertine is by no means out of the student price range. Their deliciously addictive home-made skin on chips are an absolute must; the perfect accompaniment to your pizza or salad.

From quiz nights, DJ sets, two for one cocktails, and even two for one pizza on a Thursday, The Libertine have plenty to attract students. If they expand their menu to allow for a little more choice, whilst still maintaining their excellent high standards, The Libertine could quite possibly become the new student all-rounder for drinks, food and entertainment.

Jessica Murray

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