70’s Digest: Glam Rock


A bohemian rhapsody of earthy colours, maxi skirts and bell bottom trousers liberated women from marginalized styles of earlier decades. The avant-garde, glitter and vibrancy of 70s glam are what really broke the fashion boundaries. The ultimate breakthrough we have the 70s to thank for, was when the major trends incorporated androgynous clothing like jackets, shirts, ties, and trousers. Meanwhile, for men, a glimmer of femininity, in makeup and all things David Bowie, broke gender stereotyping, changing views on fashion forever.

With the blossoming of David Bowie came flamboyant costumes and performance through Ziggy Stardust, ideas exploding in fashion with glamour, lively patterns and playful makeup. Could a recent return of Bowie and his latest record be blamed for the shimmering lines seen on the catwalks at the moment? Or might it be the eye-opening designs sported by other icons like Lady Gaga? Whoever was the catalyst, 70s glam is still alive and thriving.

The 70s may be long gone but if you shimmy on down to the high street you’ll see the dazzling fashion legacies this era left behind. Open a copy of Vogue and you’re likely to see 70s inspired designs from Stella Mcartney or Diane Von Furtsenberg gracing the glossy pages. Striking prints, bold colours, androgynous fits and towering platforms, sprinkled with sparkle symbolises this trend. The dazzling yet glamorous designs live on today thanks to vintage stores selling authentic pieces. Most major fashion retailers are carrying glamorous evening wear, like metallic crop-tops, sequined blouses and sparkly jumpsuits.



Alex Jones

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