Man It Feels Like Space Again by Pond

Arguably Australia’s finest concoction of psychedelic musicians – Pond are back with their sixth studio album. Often described as Tame Impala’s cousin, the two bands share vital members and as with all Pond’s releases, the Impala genes shine through.

‘Waiting Around For Grace’ kicks the album off as a beautiful amalgamation; the song differing within itself – from a washed out MGMT to an overly optimistic The Flaming Lips. This fragmented start is replicated across the album and is a bold move from Pond. Regardless, this album feels more cleanly finished than its predecessors, and a novel relaxed air encompasses the listening experience.

The album swings through moods in the same way as ‘Waiting Around For Grace’ . There are the obvious high points of ‘Elvis’s Flaming Star’ and its strong driving backbeat and the shimmering pop soaked psychedelia in tracks like ‘Outside Is The Right Side’. The album’s lulls come in rather creative ways; the somewhat grand ‘Heroic Shart’ (yes, they did go there) and the traces of gentle Americana seeping into ‘Medicine Hat’ provide some weighty slants to the album.

Yet the highlight has to be ‘Sitting up on Our Crane’, an anthemic and hopeful track epitomising the maturity and joy in these musicians.

Verdict? Dip your toes into this swirling pool of psychedelic pop, and you might just find yourself jumping straight in. A grower, but an addictive one at that, full of exquisite craftsmanship from Pond, who are all you could want from a psychedelic pop band.​

Hannah Taylor

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