70’s Digest: It’s all in the accessories

An emphasis on accessories is key for the seventies: tassels bags and shoes, sky-high platforms and the return of iconic jewellery such as the peace sign and the bangle bracelet. Moschino’s Barbie themed fashion show was an accessory lovers dream, featuring oversized peace signs, leather garments and chunky jewellery.

Saint Laurent amazed the fashion elite with its collection of 70s dark disco collection which comprised of: killer platforms, tall hats, sparkles, suede and oversized belts. Luxurious pieces combined with ‘cheap’ 10-denier tights worked back then and are returning to make an impact. The funky age of the 70s was brought back to life in this collection.

So after we’ve built your appetite for 70s pieces, it is high time you went shopping. Accessories can be the key to perfecting your outfit. Bring your outfit to the next level and add an extra huge bangle or necklace. Even if it may seem a little over the top the seventies was a time of experimentation. So, if you’re the adventurous type, try a pair of sky-high platforms with some heart-shaped glasses just like Moschino’s Barbie or a tall hat like Saint Laurent’s disco dolls. And don’t forget your next season accessory staple – the tassel bag!


Georgiana Cazan

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