Feature – A Bit About Kyle Hall

In the run up to Butter Side Up inviting Kyle Hall to play at Wire this Friday, In The Middle takes a look into the DJ’s life and his hopes for the future.

Kyle started getting into music at the age of eleven, and had several musical influences around him. His uncle was a DJ, his mother a professional singer and his father owned a nightclub. He was therefore brought up surrounded by musical influences; jazz, soul and gospel from his mother and a more techno house sound from the likes of Theo Parrish.

He studied at the Detroit School of Finer Performing Arts which meant that he has great knowledge of the music scene in Detroit which preceded him. The influence of Detroit techno is evident in his own music, although, Hall himself doesn’t think music should be classified by genre. Instead, he thinks it should be ‘more about the vibe, and the visual appearance too’.

Now in his early twenties, he has achieved an extraordinary amount of recognition, and has played at festivals all over the globe, from Coachella to Outlook. He also has his own record label, ‘Wild Oats’, which aims to be an ‘outlet for the music from Kyle Hall’s mind’.

With Butter Side Up’s resident DJ’S Hamish Cole, Hugh Bailey, Jonny Sleight and Ciaran Hansen on the bill, if you’re looking for a close knit party with great music, head down to Wire on 13th February.

Tickets £6/£8/£10 available here






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Photo: 10 Mag

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