Review – ‘Hessle Audio’ Comes Back Home

10849020_966507226693781_7675663734218079695_oWith the announcement that ‘Hessle Audio’ would be kicking off their UK clubs tour at Wire club in Leeds, where the trio began back in 2007, came a flood of eager anticipation from electronic music fans across the city.

As expected, the collaboration of Ben UFO (Ben Thompson), Pearson Sound (David Kennedy, previously Ramadanman) and Pangea (Kevin McAuley) – the three men behind ‘Hessle Audio’ – generated an entrancing and seamless mix of assorted genres that kept the crowd transfixed.

The six hour set took onlookers on a journey through house, acid and ambient and darker techno, developing a deeper and more intense atmosphere as the night progressed.

All three DJs demonstrated their effortless ability to faultlessly mix and glide between genres, reflecting their own progression from three Leeds students mixing in a bedroom to the critically acclaimed artists they are today.

The dance floor was packed from start to finish, though the crowd did not move as much as would be expected from such an eventful and adventurous set. Nevertheless the streamlined introduction of each new track brought a shared smile across most peoples faces.

Pearson Sound even threw in a sneak at his self-titled debut album with the track “Glass Eye”, which will be released on Hessle Audio in March.

These three DJs once again demonstrated that they are continually musically maturing, breaking the boundaries between genres and paving the way for newer experimental sounds, never faltering to impress their ever hungrier relentless fans.

[Georgia Williams]

Photography: Wire Official Photography

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