Big Hero 6 will make you laugh and warm your heart

big-hero-6-review-12Disney’s latest motion picture has no doubt been subject to much critical discussion after the success of its predecessor, Frozen. Whilst this film deters from the musical structure of classic Disney films released previously, Big Hero 6 sets out within its own genre incorporating an amalgamation of genres and film inspirations which will leave its audiences, young and old alike attached to this heart-warming motion picture feature.

Set in the hybrid town of San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 depicts young Hiro, a 14 year old who has an interest in bot fighting, the underground sport condemned by the law. Hiro is soon inspired by his brother, Tadashi to attend ‘nerd college’ where he is introduced to his brothers latest invention, Baymax, designed to scan patients to diagnose and treat them. Events soon take a turn for the worse and Hiro finds himself alone with Baymax as his brother’s legacy; they have to work together when he is faced with a villain who is causing distress with his microbot invention, alongside a team of sidekicks who were his brother’s fellow students.

big-hero-sixWhilst initially targeted as a family film, audiences of all ages will find a connection with Big Hero 6. The first Disney film to include characters from the ever successful Marvel Franchise, Don Hall and Chris Williams direct this modern favourite to appeal to a mass audience. Disney successfully manage to integrate an original narrative which keeps its audience interested through every moment of the film. Whilst previous Disney films tend to gloss over a prologue and skim over important narrative devices, Big Hero 6 takes its time to settle its audience into the story before implementing a range of plot twists to keep its audience engaged. This new form of structure, not normally found in a family film, is a refreshing approach to an animated feature.

Baymax is a character which audiences warm to from his first appearance. Baymax’s large build and robotic movements are comical to watch and this film in particular manages to build upon a story where it does not rely on a staple amount of clips featured within its theatrical trailer. Big Hero 6 appeals to all ages and manages to merge an array of genres and styles leaving its audience with an overdose of heart-warming affection.

Mark McDougall

Images: Disney

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