The Pancake Diaries

Features Editor Brigitte Phillips has set herself a challenge — to enter into filling her pancake-shaped void like she never has before. Tune in to see her hourly updates in meeting her challenge of consuming 24 pancakes over a 24 hour period.

12:30 am, Tuesday 17th February 2015

It is official, we are 30 minutes into Shrove Tuesday. For those of you unfamiliar with my dedication to pancakes, this it the most important day of my year (aside from Eurovision). A day set aside for demolishing as much as my favourite food as is possible. In 2013, I broke my previous record of 12 by eating 15 pancakes in one day. After a disappointing 2014 (a measly 12 pancakes), I am determined to eat more pancakes than I ever have before. I, of course, made the batter in advance to streamline the process.

After much deliberation, I decided to have my first set of pancakes just after midnight, rather than waiting ‘til morning. Before I had even gone to bed, I had consumed pancakes 1 and 2 of Shrove Tuesday 2015 (a pair of cheeky sugar crepes, not enough milk in the batter). I am eagerly looking forward to what the rest of this beautiful day will bring.

8:53 am

I am going to be out of the house from 10-6 today, so I have planned ahead. As well as the 4 honey pancakes (pretty much perfect if I do say so myself) I have prepared myself for breakfast, I have 5 back up crepes and an embarrassingly large pot of sugar to take into Uni with me. I’m going to smash this. Bring it on!

11:56 am

Pancakes 7-11. Cold, in tupperware, crepes accompanied with sugar. I don’t think I made enough. I’m so hungry. It’s not even 12 and I’m already on my 11th pancake. I am still trapped here for another 6 hours… what am I meant to do? Will I have to resort to Essentials? All I want is to eat as many pancakes as humanly possible, is that too much to ask?

1:19 pm

I cracked. I went to Essentials. 11 pancakes was just not enough to sustain me. Alas, when I got there, there were only the components of pancakes, rather than their final form. As we currently don’t have a hob or frying pan in The Gryphon office, I was unable to buy any ingredients. Dejected, I returned to the office with only Monster Munch and a fruit bar to see me through the next few hours. The tension is mounting now, will I still be able to achieve my goal despite the adversity? Only time will tell.

1:47 pm

Update: fruit bar had walnuts in. I’m allergic to walnuts. I will not let food poisoning get in the way of my dreams.

6:57 pm

After a long, busy day at Uni, it has come to 7pm and I still have 13 pancakes to go. Times are getting tense, I must stockpile while I can. Updates are soon to follow.

7:22 pm

Pancakes 12-16, a weird range of styles, I even made a square pancake! Lemon and sugar. I have reached my personal best, but can I hit 24 in 24 hours?

7:53 pm

The ‘dessert’ pancakes have been made, pancakes 17-20. These are dessert as they have cinnamon on as opposed to lemon. My goal is looking a whole lot more achievable now. What will this mean for the world when we discover my true pancake eating capabilities? I hope the world will be able to deal with one woman’s quest to eat 24 pancakes in one day.

8:36 pm

I have a headache, and it feels like I have about 5 tiny people punching me from the inside. Shooting for the stars just means a greater fall. I got too cocky, I was so sure of my pancake-eating ability. Will I be able to make it to the end? I feel so cold…

10:06 pm

I think I’m recovering, but if I am going to eat these last 4 I need to get my skates on. It is now time for the final lap, wish me luck!

10:55 pm

I have done it, the final four pancakes! Lemon and sugar, honey, maple syrup, and cinnamon and sugar. It’s been beautiful, everyone! The lesson I hope to take away is to always follow my dreams, and the sky is the limit. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t eat 24 pancakes in 22 hours, stare adversity right in the eyes, and then shove a crepe in your mouth. Thank you, each and every one of you, for following me on this journey! I now plan on not eating for the next few days.

Brigitte Phillips

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