Campus Watch – 20/02/15

Robert Gordon Uni ban lectures using masks to train mental health nurses

Aberdeen based Robert Gordon University has banned the use of silicone masks to help train student nurses in the treatment of mental health patients. Patient support groups expressed outrage at the use of masks, which they claim contributed to the ‘horror’ stereotype of people with mental health issues. RGU has now confirmed they wouldn’t be using the masks in future mental health training.

Emily Willson


Sheffield Uni to award scholarships to local asylum seekers

The University of Sheffield has agreed to fund degrees for two local asylum seekers every year after the Students’ Union called for ‘equal access’ to higher education. The University will award the undergraduate scholarships from next year after an online petition gained over 500 signatures. The campaign reported that asylum seekers are charged international fees to enter higher education yet cannot access student loans.

Greg Whitaker


Cardiff Uni develops ‘smart CCTV’

Cardiff University researchers have developed CCTV cameras to ‘detect’ street fights before trouble occurs. The ‘smart’ cameras will notify police and guide them to the scene of a potential incident. One of the researchers, Professor Simon Moore said, ‘Developing smart camera technology to pinpoint violence is a cost effective way of helping police do their jobs’.

Emily Willson


St Andrews apologise after email blunder

St. Andrews University has been forced to apologise to 750 applicants after they were incorrectly informed that they had been awarded a place. The University blamed a ‘human error compounded by technology’ for an accidental email. Candidates have been told that their applications are still being considered.

Faye Lawrence

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