Leeds Beckett ISoc launch ‘Hijabi for a Day’ event

Leeds Beckett Islamic Society has launched a campaign to challenge the stereotypes of Muslim women during Discover Islam Week. The ‘Hijabi for a Day’ event aimed to counter the negative portrayal of the headscarf in the media with the intention of teaching the public that the hijab is a religious symbol of modesty and not of oppression.

The society held a stall in the Student Union to offer students the opportunity to experience wearing it. The stall reported a remarkable success with students of all cultural backgrounds trying the hijab for the first time. Some non-Muslim students chose to fully cover their hair for a full day. One student said, ‘I feel the event really helped me learn more about the Islamic culture. I’d tried on a hijab a few times at a friend’s house, but it was the first time I’ve worn one all day.’

Zain Jawaid, a representative of Leeds Beckett ISoc explained, ‘The society is pleased that this event has received such great responses. We only hope to positively change the opinions of people regarding the teachings of Islam by showing and explaining our way of life.’

Emily Willson


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