Django Django @ The Wardrobe 14/02/2015

After an agonising year and a half wait, Django Django are back. At this, their first gig since the end of 2013, the boys came out as if they had never been away. All sporting vintage football jerseys they swung straight back into things with hit ‘Hail Bop’ setting off dancing, boogieing and yes, bopping.

New single ‘First Light’ was a Valentine’s delight as Django Django reached the midpoint of the night, showing no signs of letting up. This was quickly followed by another new track, specifically not named by front man Vincent Neff, which was great, no matter what it’s called. Crowd pleasers ‘Waveforms’ and ‘Default’ quickly followed, causing feet thumps and hand claps. For all their complex and unorthodox sounds, these four can definitely set a stage alight.

Eventually ending with fantastic single ‘WOR’, they were met with inevitable cries for more. This prompted their return and a slightly odd but wonderful sing-a-long anthem moment with “silver rays, ricochet, silver rays, you can stay” bursting out over and over as the crowd repeated the lyrics back.

It seems incredibly hard not to at least appreciate Django Django: whether it’s their matching outfits, weird and funky sounds, crazy album covers or Neff’s thick Scottish accent, there is something indisputably likeable about the band. All in all it was a fantastic gig, definitely better than a Nando’s Valentine’s blind date or ice cream alone with (500) Days of Summer,  and one that kicks off what is  set to be a great year for Django Django.

Luke Humphrey

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