Caught on Campus 23rd Feb: Men’s trends

[ht_fancy_title color=”colordefault” title=”This week we explore the world of men’s fashion with highlights of the latest styles we’ve caught on campus:”]

mens 1
Mark Stringer, 19. Studies Microbiology


If you could be any superhero, who you would be and why?

Mark: “I think I would have to pick superman, he’s definitely the classic hero”.


mens 2
Chris Karg, 20. Studies Classics


What is your favourite TV programme?

Chris: “My favourite TV programme is definitely the Office UK. However, it’s a shame they’re not going to do another season!”

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Chris: “I think I would spend it on taking all my housemates away somewhere”.


mens 3
Alastair Dobson, 19. Studies Philosophy


Where would be your dream destination?

Alastair: “I would love to go travelling around Europe”.

Where is your jacket from?

Alastair: “I do not actually know exactly which shop my jacket is from, but it is one of the vintage shops in Leeds”.

mens 4
Alex Roadnight, 23. English graduate

If you could be any superhero, who you would be and why?

Alex: “I would choose to be any superhero who had the ability to fly. It would give you a different experience of the world”.

What did you have for tea last night?

Alex: “As it was pancake day yesterday for tea I firstly had pancakes with spinach and mushrooms. Then I had pancakes with raspberries and white chocolate”.


Olivia Bates and Sophie Learman

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