Hidden Cafe launches cereal bar

Leeds University Union’s Hidden Cafe yesterday launched its very own cereal bar.

A variety of different cereals will be available until 11.30 every morning at Hidden Cafe, along with a selection of flavoured milks and a number of other ‘delicious toppings’.

The announcement comes in the same week as the Headingley based Moo’d Cereal House launches to become Yorkshire’s first cafe dedicated solely to selling cereal and flavoured milk.

A spokesperson for Hidden Cafe told The Gryphon: “A lot of people have asked for us to do cereal as it’s a fun breakfast option and at just £1.25 a bowl we’re sure it’s going to become a really popular offer.”

The reaction to the announcement has appeared overwhelmingly positive, with many students taking to social media to vent their excitement. One second year Classics student commented, “A cereal bar in the Union?! I would come into uni just for this!”

Greg Whitaker

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