Review – Darius Syrossian’s 3 hour set

Darrius Syrossian returned to his hometown of Leeds to play a three hour set in the sweat filled rainbow lit club that is Mint. It’s clear to see his popularity as the queue snaked round the corner, the club was packed, and the road was blocked prior to his arrival.

There is something quirky about the music he creates. Occasionally he would throw in a jazzy woodwind sample, and match it with a heavy percussive section to create an unusual effect. The use of tribal drum beats and percussion sets Syrossian apart from what can seem like an over-saturated market of house DJs. With the influx of house nights in Leeds, some DJs can come across as anonymous and forgettable. Syrossian however, does not fall into this category. His music was always upbeat, and there were not any points in his set where it was static and dull. He had everyone’s attention for the duration of the evening. Subtle intricate changes and surprising tweaks kept a sense of anticipation in the crowd.


His previous decade long career of running a record shop could be the reason he is so comfortable with mixing samples from different genres. It gives so much more breadth and originality to his set, as not everything you hear has been produced electronically. There’s something special about Mint. The intimate setting and lights really enhance the music, and this night was no exception.

[Hannah Ng]

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