Summer Beauty

There’s an honesty in the 2015 spring look. From massaging the cheeks to create a natural rosy flush to the minimalistic fine eye liner on the eyes. This spring is all about the au naturale.

To achieve this you need to create clear and dewy skin. Using primers and CC creams will help smooth out any blemishes and keep to the most natural skin tone. A little highlighter will also go a long way towards a radiant complexion.01twiggylashesspring2015

Mascara is the statement of the eye make-up this season. Remember Twiggy and her famous clumpy 60’s mascara? Double up with a lengthening and volumizing mascara, adding several coats to thicken the lashes. For good mascara that builds up evenly, use Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ available for £19.50. If eyeliner is more your thing then soften it with just a thin line of gel eyeliner or basic kohl pencil that has been sharpened. Body Shop’s Kohl Eye Definer for £8.00 provides an easy glide to create that smooth line on the lid.

With simple eyes, there are simple lips and to all the joy, lipgloss is back! Keep its chic with pale pinks to emphasise that rosy glow or pale peaches for those with olive or darker skin. Good gloss can also help moisturise the lips too, especially with Me Me Me’s ‘Light Me Up Lipgloss’ for £6.99 in ‘Illuminate’. This high shine lip colour has high moisturising and pluming agents to bring a similar radiance to your lips.

Team the seemingly effortless freshness of your face with an equally natural hairstyle. The looped pony tail that you quickly use for getting your hair out of your face? Well this safe, reliable style is the biggest source of inspiration, cropping up on catwalks and fashion week street style gurus. Use dry shampoo and volumizing spray to mess your hair and just secure it in a ponytail half tucked in. The mad I’m-late-for-a-lecture look could never be more stylish this spring.

Easy make up and dishevelled hair couldn’t be any easier for students. Finally our 5-minute dash can actually be stylish!

Jasmin Vincent

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