Caught on campus

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Fran Clark

Age:19 [20 next week]

Course: Law

What is the last thing you bought? Chelsea boots with a red sole! But unfortunately they’re TK Maxx, not Louboutin.

Do you have a style inspiration? Not really, my style is always changing.

What do you spend the most money on? Bags, definitely. The most expensive I’ve bought is probably a Michael Kors.



image 2Taylor Modest


Course: Food Science & Nutrition

Where is your outfit from? The coat is Bon Marche from forever ago, and the dress is Boohoo.

What is your favourite shop? Probably Topshop, the standard.




image 3Georgie Parkinson


Course: French & Italian

Do you speak your languages fluently then? Only French! I’m hopefully off to Paris for my year abroad.

Where is your coat from? It’s my mum’s! But before that, the Boden catalogue.

What is the most expensive thing you’ve bought? A Zara coat, mainly because it was so warm – it’s like a duvet in the winter.


Olivia Bates and Sophie Learman

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