Review – RBMA presents Joy Orbison b2b Ryan Elliott b2b Evan Baggs




February 27th brings yet another Friday, and another opportunity to queue for a few years in anticipation of another big night in the small confines of Mint club, the legendary clubbing mecca of Leeds. Last Friday, Peter O’Grady, AKA Joy Orbison, came back to Mint under the RBMA banner to oscillate between his favourite techno and house tunes, but this time decided to provide some back to back collaborative madness with Ryan Elliott, a DJ whose bass line driven techno and house is perfectly synchronised with that of Orbison. And finally, the cherry on top to define this lineup as ‘stellar’ is another back to back addition in the form of Evan Baggs. Hailing from New York, Baggs also has a penchant for a driving bassline, and you can check out more of his stuff over at his Soundcloud.


After arriving early to be stamped in on one hand and have my chewing gum removed in the other, i decided not to protest the extent to which i really needed some minty freshness, and made my way to the front of the crowd to catch the formidable trio in all their glory. Although this may sound like an easy feat, Mint Club had already become a miniature heated gas chamber, and after clambering through what appeared to be the entire Leeds Beckett rugby squad, i made it to the front in dire need of some dancing space.

And it was clear to see why this trio had been chosen to represent RBMA. It wasn’t experimentation, no, it was perfect synchronisation. The same sort of gig you get when you go to see Four Tet, Caribou and Floating Points play together. Each has their own unique stamp on musical proceedings, however, its the fluidity of their sets which gives narrative to the night. Music to make your ears cry, in a good way, but not literally, you know? However you wish to take what i’m saying, all i’m saying is that you, dear reader, missed out.

6 hours was pleasant: the music was rich and dynamic, and sounded as though it had been reduced to its basic compositions at times. Ryan Elliott for one spun a track that almost gave a glimpse into the darkside. It was dark and entrancing. Metaphor’s won’t do it justice but his stuff is completely hypnotic.

It appears as though Joy Orbison deservingly took a step back in light of this evening. He worked as one of three, instead of taking centre stage, whether he wanted to or not. And this is where clubbing turns into something else. It’s where the magic happens, and it’s always a pity how good things come to an end. Without question, Mint club and RBMA delivered a phenomenal evening that should not be forgotten. As a regular Mint club attendee, it’s hard to fault a single night to which i’ve been to, thanks to well prepared lineups which are always set to deliver. Long may this legacy continue.

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