Editorial candidate interview: Ste Topping

Why do you want to be Editor?

I’m really passionate about the paper. I’ve been working on it since the start of my time at Leeds. When I got here, it was the only stall I wanted to go to at the Fresher’s Fair and even then, I knew this job was something I would want to do three years down the line. I started out writing for the Sports section, moving on to become Sports Editor and I’m now Associate Editor.


What are your ideas for content?

We’ve done a great job this year, but I want to rejuvenate the magazine, In The Middle. I’d like to create a new Travel section and also combine Arts and Culture into one, with a separate Life section about things to do in Leeds, on campus and with society events. I’ve been talking to someone who can create an iOS app and I’m confident it would be available before Christmas. Lots of students access news online, so if we can push notifications to students’ phones, The Gryphon will become their first source when there is a breaking story.


Why is it important for The Gryphon to support campaigns?

I feel we have a responsibility as a student publication where, if there is a motion that has support throughout the University, we should back that. The Gryphon has already supported campaigns such as FemSoc’s campaign against Tequila and ‘No to Censorship’. I can see the worry where you might have a controversial issue that students disagree over. However, we would only support a campaign if there was a general consensus of student support behind it.


How will you get students involved?

It’s really important to me to get readers involved through online polls, and I’d also create a feedback section to get student opinions about current issues. I want to increase readership by putting the paper in all Halls of Residences and in local businesses around Hyde Park and Headingley. Hopefully, this will help the word of The Gryphon to get out!


How confident are you?

It’s half in my hands with how well I do with my campaign and half down to the votes. I’m in a good position where I get on really well with Ben and I know the paper will be in good hands, even if I don’t get the position. It’s a strange feeling, but I’m cautiously optimistic!


Elli Pugh

Image courtesy of Erika Sykes

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