Society Spotlight: French Soc

Last week, The Gryphon delved into the life of French Soc with a planned visit to one of their most anticipated socials, Wine & Cheese Night.

It’s hard to find a student who doesn’t love a chunky slice of cheese accompanied with some vino from time to time, and for £3, it was always going to be money well spent. The history of French wine and cheese certainly dates back centuries. Not only has wine & cheeses become a classic symbol of France, but every region in the country stocks their very own unique cheese blends. Fun fact.

The Gryphon doesn’t usually review society socials, but after a quick glance at the Facebook event page, which promised a “plethora of fromage and vino”, as a loyal cheese lover, it was hard to turn it down really. A night championing wine and cheese was a) always going to be a winner, and b) presented a much needed opportunity to re-awaken my taste buds which had recently been exposed to copious amounts of tinned baked beans.

Nestled up inside student hangout LS6, French Soc delivered a lavish display of cheeses and crackers, with a central table laden full of bottles of red and white wine. The whole evening had a fantastically friendly atmosphere, and as a non-regular attendee to French Soc events, it was easy to get involved and get chatting to new and old members.

French Soc’s social was a great taster (excuse the pun) into the goings on of the society. With trips to Paris, themed pub-crawls, independent film showings and much more, including the opportunity to brush up on the French tongue, get involved and learn the language of love!

Check out their Facebook page for all the latest news and events here.

Toby Dylan-Royle

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