Freeview Flicks of the Week: Kick-Ass, Planet of the Apes and Star Trek

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In the Middle’s best weekly freeview flicks picks is here! This week we find ourselves on a strange planet, run away from fate and remember the great Leonard Nimoy.

MONDAY – Chronicle (Film4 21:00)

Back in 2012, newcomer writer/director Josh Trank stormed the film scene with his debut Chronicle, a thrilling drama with a sci-fi edge. Now, Trank is certainly making a name for himself in Hollywood, leading the team in the Fantastic Four reboot. When you watch the wonderful Chronicle, you will see the full extent of his talent! A surprise hit, you will be gripped from minute one, and taken on a roller-coaster that will leave you shaken and in shock at the stunning climax.

TUESDAY – Snatch (5* 22:00)

Director Guy Ritchie is the king of crazy comedy crime capers set in the London criminal underworld, with his best  being Snatch. With a fantastic cast that includes the likes of Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro, a bunch of bizarre characters and a thrilling story, it is utterly ridiculous. But if you embrace it,  you will have a great time. Perfect to take your mind off the stress of deadlines, ensuring that you will spend the night laughing.

WEDNESDAY – The Darjeeling Limited (Channel 4 02:35)

Last year the beautiful The Grand Budapest Hotel brought many newcomers to the imaginative world of Wes Anderson, one of the most original filmmakers currently working in the industry. The Grand Budapest Hotel may be his best work, but when you search through his back catalogue you will find many treasures, such as the charming The Darjeeling Limited. Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody and Owen Wilson play brothers who travel across India to bond, a year after the death of their father. Like all of Anderson’s work, it is gorgeously designed with an impeccable attention to detail, emotional and poignant, and of course utterly hilarious. What a delight!

THURSDAY – The Adjustment Bureau (Film4 23:10)

Philip K. Dick is one of the most inspirational science-fiction writers, with many of his stories being adapted for the big screen. The most famous, of course, being Ridley Scott’s exquisite Blade Runner. The questions in the The Adjustment Bureau, which ask whether we control our own destiny, will leave you thinking as you watch Matt Damon as David battling against the agents of fate.

FRIDAY – Kick-Ass (Channel 4 22:00)

Director Matthew Vaughn really is a genius. With his 2010 hit Kick-Ass, he tackled the superhero genre and made a modern masterpiece. With a cast of young and inexperienced actors, and a story about a superhero who has no special abilities whatsoever, everyone thought it would be a flop. However, with its refreshing sense of humour, engaging characters and a superb story that is an electric mixture of action, drama and emotion, it soon turned out to be a raging success. It would be difficult not to enjoy this film.

SATURDAY – Planet of the Apes (More4 10:55)

For many of you readers, Charlton Heston is that famous actor who Joey encountered in the shower in a particularly funny episode of Friends. However, Heston is actually one of the best actors Hollywood has produced. In his 60 year long career of sixty, he has starred in over one hundred films, with one of his best being the 1968 classic, Planet of the Apes. Everyone knows the story, and you have probably all seen the awesome reboot, but the best film of the series is the 1968 original. Powerful, intelligent and really ahead of its time, it is phenomenal.

SUNDAY – Star Trek (E4 18:30)

Earlier this month, hero of cinema Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away. A gifted actor, director, poet, songwriter and photographer, he was a man of many talents, but he will always be remembered for playing Spock. Although he briefly appeared in Star Trek: Into Darkness, he figured heavily in J.J.Abrams’ fabulous reboot Star Trek as Spock Prime, opposite Zachary Quinto as the new Spock. It is a fantastic film and certainly worth watching, but even more so this Sunday in remembrance of Nimoy. Live long and prosper.

Emily Murray

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