Glass Animals @ Belgrave Music Hall 4/3

With pineapples and palm trees at the ready, Glass Animals entered the Belgrave with a tropicana agenda. The half hour delay only builds the suspense, but eventually the unmistakable tropical rainforest sounds of Glass Animals wash over the crowd.

‘Black Mambo’, the latest single from their debut album Zaba, opens the show. Lead singer Dave Bayley typically performs his peculiar, shaky, juddering dance moves while spouting lyrics such as “pools team with tiny feet” and “whisper sloths in curls of smoke”. The interpretive dancing is on another level and continue into ‘Walla Walla’ and ‘Wyrd’ – they like their weird track names as well as their weird dance moves. Song after song gushes in and out with singles ‘Gooey’ and ‘Hazey’ invoking jubilant screams and sing-a-longs to the “peanut butter vibes”.

After probably the shortest wait for an encore of all time, Glass Animals return for two final songs. A superb take on Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’ culminates in Dave Bayley jumping down from the stage to join the crowds. Eventually he finds his way back onto the stage and swings into finalé ‘Pools’ with thick drums and groove-driven beat.

Luke Humphrey



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