Preview – Rinse pres. Jacques Greene

Leeds will see a return of the Canadian house maestro as Rinse host an all-night dance with Jacques Greene at Wire on Saturday 18 April. The infamous London radio station’s booking follows a number of artists who have played extended sets at the intimate venue recently.

Montreal’s Greene (real name Philippe Aubin-Dionne) became known for his recognisable R&B-infused house – an emotional yet upbeat take on a coupling that is hard to get right. Vocals tend to take centre stage; he frequently samples divas and singer-songwriters, most famously in his 2012 breakout hit ‘Another Girl’ imaginatively recreating Ciara’s remix of ‘Deuces’, and in the more recent collaboration with How to Dress Well.

It remains true however that Jacques Greene refuses to restrict himself to one particular sound. The 2014 EP ‘Phantom Vibrate’ released on LuckyMe wrought at times a harder percussive edge, and was ostensibly an exploration of both the dissonance and immediacy of a life defined by technology – a far cry from the love-centric lyrics that characterised his earlier productions.

Greene’s label VASE similarly defies expectations and blurs boundaries. In signing two Montreal fashion designers and continually creating his own artwork, Aubin-Dionne has lived up to his statement that “any creator’s ultimate goal would be to customise their entire surroundings”.

His sets have proven to be as unpredictable. Having notably played Mya’s ‘Ponytail’ as well as tracks from the soundtrack of Upstream Color, attendees can expect plenty of emotion with a healthy dose of irregularity.

Advance tickets are £10.

[Alexander Peel]

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