Preview – DJ Yoda

The master of scratch, Duncan Beiny aka DJ Yoda, will be gracing Belgrave Music Hall on 3rd May, bringing with him a set that will undoubtedly be brimming with an uncanny blend of nostalgic remixes and hip hop classics. With such a diverse range of musical influences, DJ Yoda is able to transform retro theme tunes into floor filling beats tapping into almost every genre imaginable. Author of the ‘How to Cut and Paste’ mix tapes, Yoda has maintained a significant presence on the DJ scene by delivering an individual style that is incredibly successful, and continues to leave audiences bewildered and completely oblivious as to what else he could possibly mix. His sets provide distinct audio-visual stimulation that is guaranteed to engulf your concentration as Yoda leads you on a euphoric journey, engaging with a multitude of obscure sources ranging from viral clips off YouTube to intense dub step. His fresh style and engaging content means this is definitely not one to be missed.

[Oliver Walkden]

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