Control by Fyfe

It is a seldom and rare occurrence for a debut album to carry as much purpose as Fyfe’s mesmerising Control. With inspiring authority, Fyfe attacks from the deep blue recesses of our minds and consumes them ravenously. For forty exquisite minutes, and countless hours after, Fyfe trephines into our thoughts, with intricate riffs and shredded guitar solos reverberating invasively from every external sound. Like some cartoon superhero that refuses to back down, this album keeps coming back, using looping ostinatos, slick vocal rounds and faultless synth fills to overwhelm our all too eager ear drums.

This intense artist’s complex song writing is outshine only by his incredible vocal range, transitioning between soulful lows and piercing falsettos with envious precision. Carried by its vivid vocals, Control bursts of the line with agitating, yet measured, pace; it whisks us, resistless, into the hypnotic realms of ‘Conversations’ and ‘Solace’. Towards the album’s core, Fyfe steps off the throttle, and whilst this deceleration falls somewhat short, providing more of a relapse than a contained release, it serves to magnify the album’s thrilling conclusion.

Endless electric and syncopated drum beats diffuse through the pores in your skin, injecting wave after wave of homemade adrenaline shots. The intermissions Fyfe so blissfully provides our exhausted organs allow them some short-lived solace, before we obediently queue up for more. Under Fyfe’s craftsmanship, our bloodstream becomes his instrument, plucking away at unlimited veins until our cells dance in celestial harmony.

The brilliance of this album cannot be understated, it’s beauty captured perfectly by the intoxicating symphonies ‘Keep It Together’ and ‘Veins’. Far from testing the holy waters, Fyfe plunges head first, into the deep end of alternative and electronic rock, damn near creating his own emphatic genre.


Robert Cairns

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